COCEC – UK’s Rising Star

Community Development Centre-UK (CODEC-UK) organised a four week workshop on talent development during the 2013 school summer holidays for young people who were under the age of 18. This project encouraged developing youth with extracurricular talents in the community to come forward which provided the opportunity to further polish, rehearse their talents with the help of appropriate mentors and perform with wider audiences.

This project started on……….  2013         during the school holiday period and run 2 hour workshop session every Thursday and Friday for four weeks. At the end of the 4th week, on 24th of August, 2013 a 6 hour talent show was organised on……. , where friends and family of the participating youth and other members of the community were invited to encourage, support and appreciate their talent. The programme was a big success and local councillors were also present during the programme.


The main objectives if this project were to:

– identify, encourage and engage youth in local community development activities to encourage them in long term participation and their leadership development.

-explore, identify, develop and promote youth talent.

– develop local youth in leadership development.

– utilise summer vacation time to develop their potential talents and also to prevent youth them from engaging in any anti-social activities/ behaviour.


In the program variety of acts of youth were included such as singing, dancing, poem recital, musical instruments performance, comic act, magic trick, caricature and creative arts.


CODEC-UK organised a “Workshops on Issues on Youth in Nepalese community” in September, 1011 in collaboration with Himalayan Development Institute (HDI), local women’s network; Nepalese Woman’s Helping Hands. In this workshop youth and parents took part and youth identified different issues need to be tackled. The main issue identified through that workshop was that- there are gaps in interests/expectations of youth and parents which need to be a through interaction and potential talent of the youth to be identified, explored and developed.  In various occasions this issues were discussed by CODEC-UK Trustees, general members and also with youth and parents and identified as one of the main area/issue to be addressed. In the summer vacation most of the parents who cannot afford holiday outing to their children and their school holiday time to be utilised in a constructive way and their potential talent can be brought in their personal career and leadership development. Therefore interaction with parents and youths in the community we feel that with our connection with both parents and the youth needs to be involved in different extra curricular activities. Parents and youths in the community have a sentiment of trust towards this organisation due to our track record and would be easy to convince them to permit their children to participate in the activities like youth talent shows.