Equal Opportunity policy

Vision Statement:

CODEC-UK is committed to promoting equal opportunities in service delivery, employment and training.

CODEC-UK values diversity and encourages fairness and justice.

The organisation wants equal chances for everyone to work, learn and live free from discrimination and victimisation.

The organisation will combat discrimination throughout the organisation and will use its position of influence, wherever possible, to help overcome discriminatory barriers.

In seeking to achieve this vision, CODEC-UK  will strive to:

Encourage equality of opportunity for all people and actively promote good relations.

Eliminate any conditions, procedures and individual behaviour that can lead to discrimination even where there was no intent to discriminate, with particular regard to:

Race; Gender; Disability; Sexuality; Age; Religion and Belief plus Employment Issues.

Whilst recognising that individuals may experience disadvantage on more than one level, CODEC-UK  will:

Offer services fairly to all people, ensuring that anyone in contact with the organisation is treated with respect, making provision for those groups within the community whose needs and expectations are less well met.

Comply with all legislation dealing with discrimination and the promotion of equality, following the codes of practice issued to support this legislation.

Ensure all employment policies procedures, guidelines and circulars reflect and reinforce the organisation’s commitment to equality.

Ensure mechanisms are in place for responding to complaints of discrimination and harassment from employees and the public.

Encourage disadvantaged groups and individuals to participate in the community.

Make this policy known to all committee members, employees, job applicants, local citizens and partner organisations.