Health & Safety

  • Community Development centre –UK  (CODEC) is committed to the promotion of safe working practices.  We also recognise our responsibility for the well being of users of the centre.
  •  Staff, Volunteers and Management Committee Members are responsible.
  • Implementation of Health & Safety policy and issues is the responsibility of the Centre manager and staffing sub-committee.
  • An annual Health & Safety check and review of policy will be carried out in every April.
  • The promotion of Health & Safety at work is for the mutual benefit of and requires a commitment from all the staff, volunteers and Management Committee members.
  •  On a daily basis, this requirement places a responsibility on all of us to work safely and with due regard for the safety of others, to abide by the law, provision of this policy and to give regular consideration to the means by which general standards of safety may be improved.
  •  In addition to this all staff, volunteers and Management Committee members have a duty to report any matters which they believe may be a Health and Safety concern to the centre manager. 
  •   Training and Evaluation of Policy

    A Health & Safety policy cannot work effectively unless everyone associated with the organisation understands the requirements which are placed on them.  All staff and volunteers will receive a copy of the policy and information about fire evacuation, recording accidents and the situation of first aid provisions and panic buttons as part of their induction. 

  •   Smoking

    Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building

  •   Reporting Accidents
  •  All accidents and ‘near miss’ accidents should be recorded in the Accident Book – these are situated in the cupboard near the first aid box.  In addition to this staff should record any Health & Safety matters that they have reported verbally in the accident book.
  •  Fire Prevention and Evacuations

         It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure they become acquainted with the fire exits, procedures, evacuation and                equipment in any venue where they are working.

  • Use of Computers

        Any member of staff who uses a computer in the course of their work is responsible for ensuring that all connecting             wires and cables are not causing an obstruction.

  • Visitors to the Centre

        Visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which does not put their own or others safety at risk.  If                    visitors are seriously affected by alcohol or other substances on arrival they may be asked to leave. 

         Visitors who behave without a reasonable regard for their own or others safety should be warned about behaviour               and may be asked to leave if their behaviour persists.