Application submitted for Voluntary Sector Initiative Fund (VSIF), Local Grants 2016-2018

  1. Brent borough has called the project application for VSIF from charity organisations operating in Brent and this project is supposed to helps voluntary and community sector in Brent to deliver work to support Brent’s Borough Plan which is split into four parts: Local Grants, Infrastructure, Advise & Guidance and London Councils. The grant is a two year grant to cover the period from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2018 and the maximum payable is £50,000.00 for the two years.

CODEC-UK has submitted an application for this project. The overall aim of this project is to provide support to the elders among the ethnic minority communities in the local areas to address their loneliness and isolation and hence to improve their quality of life. Barriers have been identified among ex-Gurkha for integration with the local community due to lack of local level information, language competency and lack of common place to meet and share their problems/issues. The project will provide a common platform for these older people to gather, share their feelings/issues with others. Volunteers of CODEC-UK will support them to identify the issues communicating with themselves regarding different local services. Project aims to support targeted groups (especially elderly above the age of 50) among isolated Ex-Gurkha/Nepalese ethnic community. After the completion of the project CODEC-UK expected to achieve the following changes on the target participants:

  1. The project will support the targeted groups among the minority ethnic communities for social integration and decrease isolation. They will start sharing their feelings among each other and among cross-cultured people.
  2. The project will provide a regular, full time and enjoyable place (day-centre) to meet, socialise and mingle among the targeted participants to overcome the isolation.
  3. The project will help the older generations to find their companion and reduce time they spend isolating themselves.

This Project was rejected with advise to submit another one.