Human Resource Policy

  1. Staff/Personnel: Codec-UK being a charity organisation and with limited resources does not have salaried staff for the day-to-day activities or programmes. The activities are being run by its volunteers.
  2. Consultants/Project staff: Based on the requirements of the projects or completion of specific tasks and assignments, CODEC-UK can hire or assign short term staff/consultants/coordinator for short term contracts. The position will be based on defined job description, timeline, deadlines, reporting and payments. All the requirements and facilities will be mentioned in the contracts. The required human capital will be hired as per the requirements for the duration of the project/activity.  Executive Committee (EC) is responsible for assigning such personnel. However, EC must ensure that the position can be filled under project, organisational budget. Equal opportunity policy of CODEC-UK will be followed.
  1. Volunteers: Volunteers are the individuals who works voluntarily for CODEC-UK. They will be assigned tasks when required. Volunteers will not be provided any salary, bonus or monitory benefits except reimbursement of the travel and other work related expenses.